Single Hoist Truck Models
4 - 20 Ton Capacity
Dual Hoist Truck Models
8 - 22 Ton Capacity
Trailer Hoist Models
6 + 12 Ton Capacity
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IMPORTANT:  We do not recommend
Dewey Hoist conversion on pickup trucks
with original equipment “tin” beds
without additional reinforcement. These
beds do not have the necessary supports
to dump a load once they are separated
from the truck frame.
Save time.  Save money.  A  DEWEY HOIST is the RIGHT hoist for YOU.
Built Oklahoma Tough with American Pride and Quality
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For over 50 years
Dewey Hoists have lead the industry proving everyday, load after
load, just how tough they are.  Designed to last, some of the first
hoists manufactured are still in  service today having worn out
several trucks.

Used nationwide in the landscaping, agricultural, and construction industries, a Dewey Hoist solves the challenge of quickly moving  loose materials.

Complete hoist kits are available including scissor assembly,
hinges, and all the brackets.

Pump kits are also available. All you need to provide
are the hoses and hydraulic oil.